【食譜】綠果昔碗 Green Smoothie Bowl│悄悄把蔬菜融入飲食 A Great Way to Sneak in Veggies

【食譜】綠果昔碗 Green Smoothie Bowl│悄悄把蔬菜融入飲食 A Great Way to Sneak in Veggies

平時的早餐大多都是吃 優格 (我的 Instagram 上最常出現的東西)、麵包,或是 隔夜燕麥粥,天氣好一點、比較沒那麼冷的話,偶爾會打打 果昔碗,而先前又發現了另一個新選擇: 綠果昔碗 !

For my breakfast, I usually have a bowl of yogurt (which is the most-often-seen food on my Instagram), bread, overnight oats, and sometimes a smoothie bowl if the weather is fine. And a few weeks ago I got another option: A Green Smoothie Bowl!

綠果昔碗 green-smoothie-bowl (1)

綠果昔碗 – 悄悄得把蔬菜融入飲食
Green Smoothie Bowl –A Great Way to Sneak in Veggies!

名中多了一個「綠」字,就是多了蔬菜! 像我四月時多了一份工作,變得比較少有時間自己下廚,攝取蔬菜的機會相對下少,有時就會擔心自己攝取蔬菜量不夠,而這個綠果昔碗就是一個很簡單、也很方便把蔬菜融入飲食的方式!

The “green” means veggies, which make it easier for you to sneak/incorporate veggies into your diet. In April, I got a new job, which made me seldom have time and chance to cook my own meal, and I start to worry that my veggies consumption is not enough. So, this green smoothie comes as a solution as well as a new friend!

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Vegan & Naturally-Sweetened




I’ve share a smoothie bowl recipe before. As the name tells, it’s mainly made of different fruits. It’s dairy-free, vegan, and naturally-sweetened, and the same goes to the green smoothie bowl.

The dawn of this green smoothie bowl is inspired by several green smoothie recipes I saw online and in some cookbooks. Also, there are some people in Taiwan who start to make “green lattes,” which is the same idea as the green smoothie. But since I drink things real fast (seriously, I can finish a big glass of juice within 5 minutes), I feel it may be not fulfilling for me as a drink, so I decide to make it into a creamier, denser green smoothie bowl!

綠果昔碗 green-smoothie-bowl (7)


Each fruit and veggie has its own “personality” (or is there any other better word?) and every flavor needs to be taken into consideration. I’ve tried some combination of different fruits and veggies, and this one including sweet potato leaves, apples, bananas, pine apples, and avocados is my favorite, at least for now.

綠果昔碗 green-smoothie-bowl (4)

一開始也有擔心加入蔬菜味道會很奇怪,但嚐試過後發現有幾樣蔬菜是與某些水果非常合得來的! 像這一碗有加入不少地瓜葉,但鳳梨與地瓜葉的味道就讓我覺得很搭,而且味道上主要還是水果的甜味,地瓜葉的味道並不明顯,有著鳳梨、蘋果本身天然的果酸甜,冷凍香蕉與酪梨經攪打後形成的綿潤口感,讓這綠果昔碗吃起來有點像健康版的甜點點心碗。

It might seem a little weird to add veggies to it, at least that’s what I thought before. But after trying and tasting, I find some fruits and veggies really go well together, pine apples and sweet potatoes leaves in this case. Even though it seems like a lot of sweet potato leaves in this recipe, the flavor is not prominent. I still feel that the fruits are the hero.

I love the combination from the natural sweetness and acidity of pine apples and apples along with the creamy texture produced by blending avocados and bananas. It seriously taste like a healthier snack bowl or desserts!

綠果昔碗 green-smoothie-bowl (6)

把它製成果昔碗,倒入碗內還有另一個好處,就是可以再擺上好多自己喜歡的配料! 剛好還在草莓季,擺上前陣子在傳統市場看到、買來犒賞自己的新鮮草莓,還有在大賣場看到特價的新鮮藍莓,另外因為我還是個穀片控(我想你如果有看過我的食譜或是 Instagram 上的照片應該會發現),我還喜歡加入不同穀片,碗中放的全素、無麵粉的 豆渣燕麥穀片

Another reason for making it into a smoothie bowl instead of smoothie is that you can add more toppings! I place some fresh strawberries which I bought in the traditional market a few days ago, and the fresh blueberries which I gladly found they were on sale in supermarket. Also, I am a huge fan of granola (I think you know if you’ve seen several recipes or photos on my Instagram.), I like to add tons of granola on top to build up different texture and flavor. In this bowl is the vegan, gluten-free okara granola I just shared a few weeks ago.

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目前我最愛的綠果昔碗,分享給你! 來動手做吧!

I want to share this my favorite green smoothie bowl, at least for now. Let’s do this!

(※ 可延伸食譜但請勿直接複製內文,並請註明出處與原文網址 ※)

Green Smoothie Bowl

  • 食材 :(約 1 人份)
    • 地瓜葉 250 ml (1 cup /1 大把)
    • 酪梨(冷凍/新鮮皆可) 40 – 60 g (約小顆的 1/3 – 1/2 顆)
    • 冷凍香蕉, 切塊 40 g
    • 冷凍蘋果, 切塊 40 g
    • 冷凍鳳梨, 切塊 40 g
    • 飲用水 60 ml (1/4 cup)
    • 萊姆汁 或 檸檬汁 1/2 Tbs
    • 椰子油 1 tsp (非必要,但能增加更多好脂肪與讓口感更綿潤)
  • Ingredients:(Serves: 1)
    • 250 ml (1 cup) sweet potato leaves
    • 40 – 60 g frozen or fresh avocado (about 1/3 – 1/2 small one)
    • 40 g frozen bananas
    • 40 g frozen apples
    • 40 g frozen pine apples
    • 60 ml (1/4 cup) water
    • 1/2 Tbs lime or lemon juice
    • 1 tsp coconut oil (optional, but add more good fat and make it creamier)

  • 準備工作 Preparation:
    • 食材秤量好
    • Measure all ingredients.

  • 作法/步驟:
    1. 將地瓜葉洗淨,用溫熱開水稍微過一下
    2. 將所有食材放入食物調理機中攪打混合均勻,若有攪拌輔助棒建議使用,視情況停下來做刮杯的動作
    3. 倒入碗中,擺上自己喜歡的配料(我擺新鮮草莓、藍莓、豆渣燕麥穀片) 即可享用
  • Directions:
    1. Rinse the sweet potato leaves and blanch them with warm water.
    2. Add all ingredients to a blender and blender until smooth and creamy. Use a tamper to help if you have. Stop and scrape down the sides if needed.
    3. Pour into a bowl, add the toppings you like (I place some sliced strawberries, blueberries, and okara granola on top) and enjoy!

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綠果昔碗 green-smoothie-bowl (5)

Bon appétit!


【用 OSTER 營養管家調理機 試打影片 Try-out Video Using OSTER Blender】

我平常是都用我的 Vitamix 打,前陣子剛好有機會試用這款台灣新進的 OSTER 營養管家調理機,就錄了試打影片,發現打出來的質地也很不錯。詳細看規格發現和家裡的小V規格好像,馬達也有7年保固,馬力夠強,轉速也快,綠果昔打得很綿潤,覺得這台CP值不錯,推薦給預算比較沒那麼高的朋友 🙂

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【食譜】綠果昔碗 Green Smoothie Bowl│悄悄把蔬菜融入飲食 A Great Way to Sneak in Veggies



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