Vegan Steamed Stinky Tofu (7 Ingredients)

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Do you love stinky tofu? Which kind do you like? I ate mostly fried ones when I was little, which is probably the reason why I enjoy steamed stinky tofu more when I grew up. This Steamed Stinky Tofu is my go-to, easiest stinky tofu recipe. It’s vegan, no animal, but still delicious and “stinky” (smile).

全素清蒸臭豆腐 Vegan Steamed Stinky Tofu

Steamed Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is really very interesting thing. Oftentimes when we call something “stinky,” it usually carries with a negative undertone. But when it followed by “tofu”, it really doesn’t have that undermining message because it’s got a special stinky smell that makes us (I mean Taiwanese) feel hungry.

I remember last time when I went to Shenkeng Old Street, I saw tons of shops selling stinky tofu and the smell is all over the place. I passed by a western foreigner who carried his daughter on his shoulder. The daughter suddenly yelled out: “It’s so smelly!” And I laughed a bit. I think the special smell of stinky tofu is not very easy to get along for many foreigners. But we (standing for most Taiwanese) really enjoy it.

全素清蒸臭豆腐 Vegan Steamed Stinky Tofu

Actually, I’m really curious about my first reaction towards stinky tofu when I was little. But it’s really too little for me to remember anything. When I know what I was doing, I was already asking my parents for some stinky tofu dishes.

The aroma of stinky tofu is really obvious and stands out well by itself, so there’s no need to add tons of ingredients to make it taste great. (I don’t know why I was smiling when I typed those words. Anyway, you know what I meant.)

全素清蒸臭豆腐 Vegan Steamed Stinky Tofu

This Steamed Stinky Tofu only requires 7 ingredients: stinky tofu, shitake mushrooms, sesame oil, edamame beans, soy sauce, rice wine, and brown sugar. Usually, you can find stinky tofu in supermarkets or traditional markets in Taiwan. Or you can buy online. Other ingredients are pretty common for households, in my opinion.

I also like to add a bit of ginger to elevate the whole flavor, but it’s optional. However, add just a little piece of ginger to this dish really makes a difference.

It’s also quite easy to make as well. You only need to stir fry the mushrooms and minced ginger with the sesame oil. Then bring other ingredients in and steam the whole thing. It’s a great dish to make ahead so the tofu can absorb more flavor.

If you want to try other stinky tofu dishes, you could also check out my Braised Tomato Stinky Tofu or Spicy Stinky Tofu, which I make every time when I got stinky tofu at hand. But this steamed stinky tofu is really the one that requires least ingredients. So if you’re kind of a minimalist in terms of ingredients, then let’s make this first!

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全素清蒸臭豆腐 Vegan Steamed Stinky Tofu (7 Ingredients)

Barrel Leaf
Do you love stinky tofu? Which kind do you like? I ate mostly fried ones when I was little, which is probably the reason why I enjoy steamed stinky tofu more when I grew up. This Steamed Stinky Tofu is my go-to, easiest stinky tofu recipe. It's vegan, no animal, but still delicious and "stinky" (smile).
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: Asian, Taiwanese
Keyword: tofu, vegan
Servings: 2 people
Author: Barrel Leaf


  • 4 small dried mushrooms 乾香菇
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil 白芝麻油
  • 4 big stinky tofu slices 臭豆腐
  • A thumbnail-size ginger 薑, (optional) minced 非必要 切末
  • 4 Tbsp edamame beans 毛豆, shelled 去殼


  • 1 Tbsp soy sauce 醬油
  • 1 Tbsp rice wine 米酒
  • 1 tsp light brown sugar 黃砂糖
  • ½ tsp toasted sesame oil 白芝麻油,


  • Soak the dried mushrooms in water for at least 15 minutes to let them puff up.
  • While the mushrooms are soaking, mix all seasoning ingredients together in a small bowl.
  • After the mushrooms puff up, squeeze out the water from the mushrooms, and slice them. Save the soaking water for later use.
  • Place a small pot over medium heat. Add the sesame oil to the pan. Once the pan is hot, add the minced ginger and sliced mushrooms. Stir fry for about 30 seconds.
  • Add the stinky tofu slices, the mixed seasoning. Cook for about 1 minute.
  • Transfer all into a deep dish. Spread out the tofu into a single layer if you could.
  • Add the edamame beans, the saved soaking water, and more water (if needed) high enough to barely cover the tofu. Steamed the tofu for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!


  • 將乾香菇泡於水中至少 15 分鐘至膨脹
  • 等待香菇浸泡時,將調味料部份的食材於一小碗中混合
  • 香菇膨脹後,擠出香菇吸入的水份,保留浸泡的水,將香菇切絲
  • 取一小鍋置於中火上,倒入芝麻油。鍋熱後,放入薑末與香菇絲,拌炒約 30 秒
  • 放入臭豆腐塊與混合好的調味料,煮約 1 分鐘
  • 取一深盤,將鍋內全部食材轉移至盤中,盡可能讓豆腐平鋪
  • 放入毛豆、浸泡香菇的水、更多的水 (若有需要) 與豆腐約平高,蒸約 20 分鐘即可


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