Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

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Creamy and rich in cacao flavor, this Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth for chocolate.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie

Yes. Another chocolate dessert recipe. If you know me well, you could tell there will never be too much chocolate in my life, right? (Smile)

And maybe it’s due to my insecurity lately, I just feel that I need something to soothe and heal me. Yes, heal. Like the Greek physician, Hippocrates once said ─

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

by Greek physician Hippocrates, translated by Nora Hsu

I think food is not only the thing that fills our belly, but also a thing that can fill our mind, calm our nerves, an offering for our beautiful body. At least that’s what chocolate means to me.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

No-Bake & Super Easy to Make

This Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie is a no-bake recipe that is easy to make. You only need a food processor and a blender to do the work.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

Combine with different plant-based ingredients, this chocolate mousse pie is creamy but not heavy. That’s the main reason why I love this chocolate mousse pie so much.

It’s mainly made of two layers: a nutty base and a chocolate mousse filling, which is obvious, I suppose.

The base is also added with some cacao powder to make this chocolate mousse pie literally chocolatey from top to bottom. If you want to bring it to the next level, go ahead to add some chocolate sauce on top.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

It’s creamy but not easy to fall apart, which happens in some mousse pie recipe. This mousse pie is simple without too many layers. But as long as it’s creamy, rich, and therapeutic, it’s enough for a good chocolate pie.

But, you know, we’re visual animals. So I add some almond flakes, toasted coconut flakes, goji berries, and cacao nibs to make it more photogenic. These toppings are totally optional and you can add more to make it look fancier if you like.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. There’s a secret ingredient in this chocolate mousse pie.

If you’ve read some of my dessert recipes in the past, you probably already guess it.

Yes, it’s tofu.

But if you’re a new friend here (Hi!), don’t worry, you won’t taste the tofu. It’s there to create a creamy texture. Combined with soaked cashews and cacao flavor, this mousse pie makes my mouth salivate every time I think about it.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

It’s firm but really creamy, which I think you can tell by seeing the photo here.

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

Because there are not many ingredients, the quality of cacao powder matters. Just use the one you like to most. And since this chocolate mousse pie will not be baked, I’ll recommend using cacao powder.

If you love chocolate and creamy desserts as I do, I think you will like my Vegan Chocolate Silk Pie and Vegan Coconut Chocolate Mousse. But for now, let’s make this creamy, chocolatey, healthy vegan chocolate mousse pie!

Let’s do this!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you make this recipe, don’t forget to tag @Barrelleaf + #barrelleaf on Instagram. I always love to see them and to know how it goes.

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Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie (No-bake + healthy)

全素綿潤巧克力慕斯派 Vegan Creamy Chocolate Mousse Pie

Creamy and rich in cacao flavor, this Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth for chocolate.
作者: Nora Hsu
準備20 minutes
Soaking3 hours
總共20 minutes
哪道菜: Dessert
料理別: Gluten-Free, vegan
Keyword: 30 minutes or less, chocolate, gluten-free, sugar-free, sweets, vegan
份量: 6 people


For the base 底層

  • 45 g almonds 杏仁
  • 30 g rolled oats 傳統燕麥片
  • 25 g pitted dates 去籽椰棗乾
  • 1 Tbsp cacao powder 生可可粉
  • A pinch salt 鹽

For the chocolate mousse

  • 50 g raw cashews, soaked 生腰果, 浸泡於飲用水中 3 – 5 小時
  • 200 g silken tofu 嫩豆腐
  • 6 Tbsp cacao powder 生可可粉
  • 60 g pitted dates 去籽椰棗乾
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract 純香草精
  • A pinch salt 鹽
  • 1 Tbsp almond butter 杏仁醬
  • 1 Tbsp cacao butter 可可脂, or cold-pressed coconut oil 或冷壓椰子油
  • 60 ml full-fat coconut milk 全脂椰奶



  • 將去籽椰棗乾放入食物處理機中,攪打細碎
  • 再放入其它底層食材,攪打混合均勻,至質地用手指捏時可黏在一起。視情況加一點點飲用水,幫助食材可黏成團
  • 取一 6 吋模,底層鋪烘焙紙,把攪打好的底層混合物填壓入,壓實壓緊,放入冷凍庫備用


  • 將浸泡生腰果的水瀝掉,再用飲用水稍微沖洗腰果
  • 豆腐的水也瀝乾,與浸泡過的腰果,和其它全部階慕斯餡食材,包含:生腰果、嫩豆腐、生可可粉、去籽椰棗乾、純香草精、鹽、杏仁醬、可可脂、全脂椰奶,放入食物調理機中 (因為打的份量不多,我是用小的調理杯),攪打混合至滑順
  • 取出置於冷凍的模具,將攪打好的巧克力慕斯餡倒入模具中,平順表面
  • 放入冷藏 3 – 4 小時,或至慕斯餡凝固,即可取出,加上自己喜歡的配料享用。我是加了杏仁片、枸杞、烤椰子乾片可可碎豆

English Version

    To make the base

    • Add the pitted dates to a food processor and process until they’re chopped.
    • Add the rest of the base ingredients to the food processor. Continue to process until the mixture can stick together when pressed between your finger. If the mixture is on the dry side, add a small dash of water to help to bind.
    • Line a 6″ pan with parchment. Transfer the base mixture into the pan and press them down to form a single layer base. Put it in the freezer while we make the chocolate mousse filling.

    To make the chocolate mousse filling

    • Drain out the soaking water from the cashews and give a little rinse.
    • Drain the tofu as well. Then blend all ingredients, including cashews, tofu, cacao powder, pitted dates, vanilla extract, salt, almond butter, cacao butter, and coconut milk, in a blender until smooth (I usually use the small container for this amount).
    • Remove the pan from the freezer. Pour the chocolate mousse mixture onto the base and smooth the top.
    • Place the mousse pie in the fridge for 3-4 hours or until set. Add any toppings you like to dive in! (I add a small handful of sliced almonds, goji berries, toasted coconut flakes, and cacao nibs.) 





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