3-Ingredient Rawnola (Raw Granola)

3-Ingredient Rawnola (Raw Granola)

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Natural sweetened, this nutty “Rawnola” or “Raw Granola” only needs 3 ingredients and 5 minutes to make!

3樣食材 生機免烤燕麥早餐穀片 3-Ingredient Rawnola

Rawnola (Raw Granola)

Most granola is baked or toasted, and I’ve shared quite a few granola recipes, such as Banana Bread Granola and Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola. But this “Rawnola” has just become my recent favorite!

3樣食材 生機免烤燕麥早餐穀片 3-Ingredient Rawnola

As the name suggests, this Rawnola is raw granola, without baking or turning on the stove.

I’m not a raw dieter. Actually, I’m not on any specific diet but just eat what I want with my core values. It might just be an accident that I love the Rawnola so much, a beautiful accident.

3樣食材 生機燕麥早餐穀片

Only Need 3 Ingredients!

This Rawnola recipe is not only easy to make but also just requires 3 ingredients. How awesome is that? And those 3 ingredients are also easy to find, or, if you often make my recipes, they are probably already in your pantry. They are:

  • Rolled oats
  • Dates
  • Walnuts

Quick & Easy to Make in 5 Minutes

You don’t need to lot of time to make it as well, just 5 minutes, or less, to make your Rawnola for the following week.

3樣食材 生機免烤燕麥早餐穀片 3-Ingredient Rawnola

Naturally Sweetened, Sweet & Nutty

It’s naturally sweetened with dates and tastes really nutty thanks to the walnuts.

I usually enjoy this Rawnola with soy yogurt or overnight oats. Sometimes I just scoop out a big tablespoon and put it in my mouth. High-five if you want to do the same.😉

莓果果昔碗 + 生機燕麥穀片 Berry Smoothie Bowl with Rawnola

On Saturday or Sunday, I will add the Rawnola to my smoothie bowl, making my smoothie bowl even prettier than it already is. (I’m proud of my smoothie bowls 😂)

莓果果昔碗 + 生機燕麥穀片 Berry Smoothie Bowl with Rawnola

As the main components of smoothie bowls are usually fruits, this Rawnola is really a great add-on to fulfill the perfect nutrition profile. But if you know me, you know that taste definitely comes first when I enjoy my food.

This Rawnola is also commonly seen in my Instagram pictures.

3樣食材 生機免烤燕麥早餐穀片 3-Ingredient Rawnola

I hope that I’ve made it sound really enticing, even though this granola doesn’t look really appealing at first glance. In the meantime, you can also check out my Coconut Chocolate Granola, Naturally Sweetened Granola, and Chocolate Hazelnut Quinoa Granola for more breakfast options. And let me know which one you like the most in the comment section below! 🙂

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you make this recipe, don’t forget to tag @Barrelleaf + #barrelleaf on Instagram. I always love to see them and to know how it goes.

3-Ingredient Rawnola

Natural sweetened and super simple to make, this nutty "Rawnola" or "Raw Granola" only needs 3 ingredients and 5 minutes to make!
作者: Nora Hsu
準備5 minutes
總共5 minutes
哪道菜: Breakfast
料理別: raw, vegan
Keyword: breakfast, granola, raw, rawnola, refined-sugar-free, sweets
份量: 4 people


  • 40 g 去籽椰棗乾 pitted dates
  • 45 g 核桃 walnuts
  • 45 g 傳統燕麥片 rolled oats
  • tsp 鹽 salt, optional, but recommended 非必要, 但建議加


  • 將去籽椰棗乾放入食物處理機中,用按壓的方式將椰棗乾切細碎
  • 加入核桃、傳統燕麥片、鹽,繼續用食物處理機以按壓方式混合食材,至有點像麵包屑
  • 將混合物移入密封罐,冷藏保存。可以搭配豆漿優格杏仁奶果昔碗,或任何你喜歡的東西,在任何時候享用!

English Version

  • Add the pitted dates to a food processor first. Use “pause” to chop the dates into fine pieces.
  • Add the walnuts and oats to the food processor. Use pause to combine them with the dates until all become small crumbles.
  • Transfer the mixture to an air-tight jar and refrigerate. Enjoy with soy yogurt, almond milk, smoothies bowls, or anything, at anytime you want!




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