披露政策 Disclosure

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Hi, 我是 Nora。此披露政策頁面是我想誠實得透明化我如何經營網站的資訊。為了維持此網站運行,有兩種方式能支持此站經營:

  1. 合作廣告
  2. 購買我的作品 (電子書)

第一種方式意指讀者會看到廣告,其提供免費資訊。有些很明顯 (像文內廣告區塊),有些不太明顯 (像有些我加在文章裡的連結)。

我很愛寫部落格 (目前已經寫十年了),創作食譜,提供實用的資訊並分享。我非常喜歡這樣的生活,所以我也想要用它來維持我的生計,我想要它變成我的人生職涯,讓我的內容對你我都有所幫助。因此有時候我會分享一些我喜愛的產品,或是一些我認為對你有幫助、有興趣的優惠資訊。有時我能透過這些分享獲得少許收入,有時完全沒有。


聯盟連結:有些在文章裡的連結是聯盟,透過點擊連結購買產品,您的消費金額不變,但能讓我從廠商/合作聯盟處獲得少許分潤佣金,來維持創作與網站營運,像是 Amazon。

推廣活動 & 贊助內容:有時候我看到一些優惠活動,或是與廠商/品牌合作推廣一些我認為對讀者有幫助、有價格的產品或服務, 合作商會提供我費用,來補足我所提供產出的內容與工作時間。





這個網站是我 nora hsu 分享食譜、生活等創作的地方,創作內容皆以分享為出發點,不該被運用於治療、診斷疾病、或是開始從事特定飲食等處。若有相關病痛與從事改變飲食習慣動機,請詢求有執照的專業人士、醫生等。


謝謝你的閱讀與支持,你是我的讀者讓我覺得很幸運! 🙂

Love, Nora 葉子

Disclosure Policy

Hi, there. I’m Nora. This disclosure page aims to let me be transparent and honest with you in how I use advertising for the purpose of compensation to provide more great content.

For maintaining this website/blog, there are two ways to compensate the owner/writer of the site (me!):

  1. To advertising (like TV or radio)
  2. To buy my products (e-book)

The first option means that you will be exposed to advertising, which allows you to access information for free. Some of it is obvious (like ads in the articles) and some will be less obvious (like affiliate links embedded in the post text).

I love blogging (which I’ve been doing for 10 years), making recipes, providing valuable information and sharing them with people. So I want to make a living out of it as well. I want it to be my career, to be helpful for both you and me. So sometimes I would share some products which I love or deals that I think you would be interested to see or benefit from. Sometimes I could earn money from them (without any additional cost to you of course) and sometimes I couldn’t.

Here are some ways I could make money for generating contents:

Affiliate Links: Sometimes I could get a small commission for compensation when readers click the embedded links in my articles and make the purchase, like Amazon Associate Program.

Campaigns & Sponsored Content: Occasionally, I would share some sweet deals or partner with a brand or company to promote a product or services that I think would help or benefits my readers. I am compensated for my work and time in the cooperation.

The revenue made from this site covers my cost in buying ingredients, testing recipes, maintaining this webstie, as well as server expense and many other tiny tedious things a website needs.

I share my experiences and views on this website. But in the end, they are purely my opinion. Any product claim, statistic, or other third-party representation should be verified with the provider.

Advertising is actually the easiest way to supporting me without additional cost to you. I want to do my best to be honest with you and to be proud of what I’m doing.


This website is where I, Nora, share recipes, life, etc. None of the content should be used in any kind of medical treatment as well as “diet.” Please consult a valid professional, therapist, or doctor if you have the motive mentioned above.

Thank you for being here. I’m lucky to have you be my reader. I hope you all doing well and have a wonderful day. 🙂

Love, Nora

Last updated: August 2019.