蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 (免煮, 4 樣食材) No-Cook Cranberry Orange Chia Jam (4 Ingredients)

蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 (免煮, 4 樣食材) No-Cook Cranberry Orange Chia Jam (4 Ingredients)

This cranberry jam tastes a bit tart yet with the mellow sweetness from maple and the orange. It’s a great stable you can pre-make to add flavor to your food, especially in the holiday season. I love to enjoy them with homemade soy yogurt so much, even addicted for a while.


2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (1)

蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 Cranberry Orange Chia Jam

I bought a huge bag of frozen cranberries the other day at Costco. I usually eat them plain with soy yogurt, but, you know, things would be boring if you just do it the same way all the time. So I was thinking about making something out of my frozen cranberries. I thought for a while, and the blueberry chia jam suddenly came to mind. Therefore, I decided to make a Cranberry Chia Jam as well.

However, due to the natural tartness from cranberries, this chia jam does need something more to strike a balance between sourness and sweetness. I went on to browse a lot of cranberry-related recipes and found that many of them include orange juice in the ingredient list. I feel that the combination of cranberries and oranges would be great, so here is the Cranberry Orange Chia Jam!

前陣子在 Costco 買了一大包 有機冷凍蔓越莓 , 平常都是搭 優格 吃,但這樣吃久總覺得好像有點單調,想把它做些變化,就想到之前有做過的 藍莓奇亞籽果醬,但因為蔓越莓比藍莓酸很多,看了不少蔓越莓相關的食譜,發現不少人都有用到柳橙,也覺得蔓越莓與柳橙的滋味會很搭,於是就結合柳橙汁,做了這個 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬

2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (3)

Vegan + Flour-less

This Cranberry Orange Chia Jam is vegan, and it also doesn’t require any flour or granulated sugar, which are often seen in common jam recipes.


📢 2018.02.27  update: I re-photographed this recipe so I left the old photos after the recipe.

How to make it thick without any flour, you ask? (You might shake your head)

Well, if you’re familiar with chia seeds, then I think you already knew the answer: the incredible absorbing ability of chia seeds.

沒有粉怎麼變稠呢? 解答:利用的是奇亞籽天然強大的吸水能力!

2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (4)

Because the tartness of the cranberries is quite prominent, I also add a bit of pure maple syrup to balance the flavor. The addition of orange juice gives another mellow flavor to this cranberry jam.

因為蔓越莓本身偏酸,所以還有加入加拿大 100% 楓糖漿來調和蔓越莓的果酸,另外還有添加柳橙汁,讓莓果與柳橙結合出另一種酸甜滋味。

2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (2)

Another thing I want to mention is the extra addition of ground ginger and cinnamon. They are optional, but I strongly recommend to add them if you could because they really bring this cranberry chia jam to the next level.


2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (6)

The final product looks so beautiful with the pinky color of the cranberries.


2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (5)

Another thing worth mentioning is how simple and easy to make this cranberry chia jam. You don’t need to cook or heat anything. You just need a blender to help you, and actually, it’s the blender that is working, not you.


蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (1)

They are the organic frozen cranberries I bought at Costco.

我使用的是先前買的 有機冷凍蔓越莓

蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (2)

When you finish blending, the mixture is not like jam. Don’t panic, it’s normal because the chia seeds need time to make it magic. And the following step is probably the hardest part of this recipe: wait.

剛製作好的蔓越莓果醬還是水水的,需要時間讓奇亞籽發揮它的魔力。等待可能是這個食譜最困難的步驟 (笑)

2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (8)

Put the mixture into an air-tight jar and let it sit in the fridge for 3-4 hours. I usually just let it stay in the fridge overnight. Then take out and you should find it getting thicker, just like jam.

奇亞籽需要滿長的時間慢慢吸收水份,要冰 3-4 小時,冰隔夜最好,取出來看,就能發現它變濃稠嘍!

蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (7)

The Cranberry Orange Chia Jam goes really well with many things, such as soy yogurt (I probably mention it too many times but this is really my fav!) and smoothie bowls.


蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (8)


Even though I add orange juice and maple syrup to this cranberry jam, the recipe is still on the sour side. I usually enjoy it with another dash of maple syrup to accompany my meal. But if you have a stronger sweet craving, you could totally add more maple syrup to blend. I personally love the flavor of maple syrup and the sweetness it gives to the jam. If you don’t have it, you could also use other sweeteners of choice but I cannot guarantee the flavor would be as great as this is.

2018.0208 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 cranberry-orange-chia-jam (7)

And, enough talking, let’s do this!


蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 (免煮, 4 樣食材) No-Cook Cranberry Orange Chia Jam (4 Ingredients)

4 樣食材! 蔓越莓柳橙奇亞籽果醬 Cranberry Orange Chia Jam

This cranberry jam tastes a bit tart yet with the mellow sweetness from maple and the orange. It's a great stable you can pre-make to add flavor to your food, especially in holiday season. I love to enjoy them with soy yogurt so much, even addicted for a while.
作者: Nora Hsu
準備5 minutes
料理5 minutes
Refrigerating3 hours
總共3 hours 10 minutes
哪道菜: Side Dish
料理別: American
Keyword: 10 ingredients or less, 30 minutes or less, dairy-free, gluten-free, sweets, vegan
份量: 4 people


  • 200 g frozen cranberries 冷凍蔓越莓
  • 90 ml orange juice 柳橙汁
  • 2 Tbs maple syrup 楓糖漿, add more depending on your taste 這樣算不甜, 可適個人口味增加
  • 2 Tbs chia seeds 奇亞籽
  • 4-5 Tbs water 水, adjust the consistency to your liking 視你喜歡的濃稠度

Optional but add tons of flavor (note*)


  • 將冷凍蔓越莓至置室溫稍解凍
  • 將蔓越莓與其它食材一同放入食物調理機中攪打混合均勻,視個人口味調整糖漿用量
  • 倒入密封罐中,置入冰箱冷藏至少 4 小時,讓奇亞籽吸收水份
  • 取出即可享用。可再視個人喜好添加水量調整濃稠度

English Version

  • Defrost the frozen cranberries a little at room temperature.
  • Add the cranberries along with other ingredients to a blender and blend until all incorporated. Taste it and add more maple syrup to your liking.
  • Pour the mixture into a air-tight container in the fridge for 4 hours to let the chia seeds absorb the water.
  • Remove from the fridge and enjoy it with anything you like. Add more water to adjust the consistency if you find it too dense.



  • *薑粉與肉桂粉是非必要的,但我若你不排斥這兩者的味道,我非常建議添加進去,因為滋味會變得更豐富、更有層次!
  • 剩下的果醬放入密封罐中,冷藏保存,約可放 1 - 2 星期
  • *The ground ginger and cinnamon is optional, but I'll say go for it if you don't dislike them.
  • Store in an air-tight jar in the fridge for 1 - 2 weeks.



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