【Feeling】Envy flow out of my heart

“I can't say this felling.”

If I say that, I think that I could be beat. But it is real. Everyone always  has self problem.

What is my problem?  Just….. I prefer to cook rather than  to study.
And you may be say that who like to study? 
Here, I meant that cooking is my indulgence, and I love it too much!!

To date, I think that I did a wrong decision to choose school when I was in junior high school. But what can I do now?

Although Dad told me that I can renew, but I don't want to do that.
It sounded like an another prsesure of reviewing the books which were heaped up in the corner.

But there is no realy reason for complaining because it was determined by myself.
I satisfied my eagerness about food with surfing on the Net.  And envy was flowing, drowning my head.

Now, I just want to do my best in the way of English, and my ambition is extremely big ! Also, I want to learn cooking skills after graduating from senior high school.

Because I still remember a sentence that  Awha had said, 
“There will be  more corners in the future.”

I believe in her and my future.



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